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Artist Statement

Clay has captured my fascination for over 3 decades because it offers an unending possibility to create and experiment with form and function. My work delves into the interplay of simple and complex, playing with the balance between vibrant and simple colors and simple and complex shapes within table settings. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese concept of
"wabi-sabi," centered on understated elegance and cherishing imperfection, I employ stoneware clay and diverse construction methods—slab construction, potter's wheel, slip casting—to redefine handcrafted dinnerware's form and function.

I aspire for my pottery to seamlessly integrate into people's daily lives—a cup of morning coffee, family dinners, peaceful afternoon teas, or a late-night treat of ice cream. I prioritize durability, ensuring my pieces withstand daily dishwashers, microwaves, and modern conveniences, in contrast to fragile fine china. My proudest moments arise when recipients share how my pottery enriches their everyday experiences, infusing newfound significance into my creations and their lives.

If you would like to connect to discuss a custom order, please reach out to me via email at