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Welcome to SebellShavit Studio, where craftsmanship meets creativity and handcrafted dinnerware transcends the ordinary. Embracing the philosophy that dining is an experience to be cherished, all work is created in unique designs and colors that stand out on your table, elevating your dining moments to new heights. Whether you're seeking a burst of energy with radiant reds or a touch of tranquility with soothing blues, our selection caters to every aesthetic sensibility. Mix, match, and indulge in the delight of owning handcrafted dinnerware that is as unique as you are.

SebellShavit Studio Rectangular Serving Tray


SebellShavit Studio Dinner Set

Dinner Set
$100 per setting

SebellShavit Studio Platter Dark Blue With Demi Bowls

All work is made to order!

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