Handcrafted bowls

About SebellShavit Handcrafted Pottery

Thank you for visiting SebellShavit Studio. My name is Rach SebellShavit, I am a potter living in Arlington, MA. I fell in love with clay when I was 7 years old while attending summer camp. I was immediately captivated by every aspect; the texture, coldness, malleability and even taste of the medium. Clay came to represent possibility, as it formed to every new vision that I had. This love of clay has inspired, challenged and supported me for more than 25 years.

While studying at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), I was given the opportunity to create one of a kind, handcrafted pottery, using a variety of techniques to answer design problems posed by my teachers. I loved that each new project posed questions, challenges and constraints for me to pursue.

I love the processes of designing handcrafted pottery because it lets the potter invent and reinvent objects. When I design and create new work I think about the people who will ultimately use my products and the context they will be used in. Who are they, where will these objects live, what are the limitations of the users and viewers, their likes and dislikes? Thinking about, I begin to create using the potters wheel, rolled out slabs of clay, extruded clay and molds.