Ceramic Teapot

Handcrafted Teapots & Vases

Since high school, I have been exploring the endless possibilites that teapots offer in design. British influence, african, asian, there are too many tea traditions to count. I create teapots and vases using thrown, molded and slab rolled, high fire stoneware. Surfaces are textured and altered using pressed objects, wooden padles and knives to create patters that glaze will pool, break and flow through.  

I love that in Japan, tea has its own ceremony. When I am making a tea pot, I think about the ritual of tea and the beauty that comes from taking a moment in your day. You don't buy a tea pot out of need, you buy a teapot because it is going to add beauty to your life or a friend's life. I love ending the day with a cup of tea, a plate of orange slices and some nice jazz music. In case you are wondering, Miles Davis is my favorite. 

In the past few years, I find myself loving flowers in my home more and more. Personally, I really like a single type of flowers in a small vase, rather than a giant bouquet. There is something quieter and calmer for me. I love the way different flowers look against the earth tones in my fases. Sometimes I even use teapots to hold the flowers. 

The glaze techniques on these tea pots and vases include simple iron oxide washes, soda firings and/or cone 10 reduction glazes. All work is safe to eat/drink from.

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