Handcrafted Ceramic Mug

Handcrafted Mugs

I love making mugs. They are one of the most intimate objects a pottery can make; you hold it in your hands, start your day drinking from it, put your lips to the mug. Sure, you can easily buy mass produced mugs for your home, but having a handcrafted mug is a great way to bring beauty and craftsmanship to your day. In my home, every mug is different, some made by friends, some made by me. I hang them on a shelf so that anyone coming into the house can see our selection. When guests come over, I offer them tea and let them choose whichever mug they want to enjoy their tea from.

A pottery teacher once told me that the most personal gift you can give is a handcrafted mug. There is no other object that you can give that involves so many senses. I feel it is my responsibility when creating mugs, to think about how the mug will be embraced by all the senses. How does the shape look but also how does it feel? Does the person holding it enjoy the feel of the handle and the belly of the mug. How hot does the mug feel? Does the color greet you pleasantly each morning? How does the lip of the mug feel agains your lips as you sip? And finally do you rest the mug under your nose as you enjoy the aroma of what it offers? When I am in my studio creating work, I ask myself all these questions so that I can set an intention to create an enjoyable mug.

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