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Handcrafted Bowls

One can never have too many bowls! Whether you use them to enjoy your morning cereal, end the day with a bowl of ice cream, collect spare change, display your jewelry, or simply on display as art, these earth tone pallet ceramic bowls will never disappoint. Remember all of our collections are food safe and dishwasher safe so why not start collecting (or commissioning) your favorite pieces and integrate them into your existing serving sets.

I make handcrafted ceramic bowls of varying shapes and sizes. When it comes to handcrafted pottery, you can’t go wrong with with a beautiful ceramic bowl. These bowls will look amazing in your dining room and kitchen and also make excellent gifts. My bowls are perfect for serving salads, side dishes, ice cream, soups and more. The color pallet is made up of earth tones. Whether you are looking for functional or decorative pottery, look no further.

Functional, Beautiful, One of a Kind.

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