Stacked Handcrafted Pottery

Handcrafted Pottery

I am drawn to pottery because it involves all the senses; the damp earthy smell of clay when I enter my studio, the wet, cold satin of the clay gliding through my hands on the potters wheel, seeing the transformation from earth to fire to usable object, the way the clay tastes when you accidentily brush your lips with clay covered hands, the peaceful sounds of a potters wheel turning or the jets of a kiln firing. I can't imagine a more perfect and peaceful craft to dedicate one's life pursuing. 

Clay & Glaze

The potters wheel dates back to as old as 4500 B.C.E. where potters would spin clay on a wheel propelled by their hands or feet. I use an electric potters wheel and stoneware clay to make dinnerware. Stoneware is a durable clay body that is fired to a very high temperature. I then use glaze to decorate the surface and give each piece a unique look.


I use an electric kiln to make my work, firing the final product to cone 6. Potters typically measure the temperature of their kilns using cones instead of degrees. Cone 6 is approximately 2230° F. My pottery is glazed using a combination of celadons inspired by Chinese and Japanese potters, wood-ash and vibrant mason stains. All work is dishwasher safe and food-safe.

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